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No New Posts Rules and Information
Everything you need to know to get you started is right here. Inside you will find the rules, plot and events timeline, pack history and information, and other important things need to know for getting started here. Be sure to read everything here before you do anything else!

5 6 Nov 19 2016, 05:28 PM
In: The Encyclopedia
By: Swiftheart
No New Posts News and Announcements
Here is where the staff will post all important news and updates concerning the site, both in character and out of character news. Be sure to check often so you don't miss something!

Subforums: OTM Voting

5 3 Dec 21 2016, 10:12 AM
In: Advertising Contest
By: Aria
No New Posts Activity Checks
Every couple of months the staff will hold an activity check to keep track of the site activity. Check often so you don't miss one, and make sure you post when one is going on!

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No New Posts Feedback
Have a question, or need something handled by the staff? Or perhaps you have a suggestion about how to improve the site? This is the board where all of that goes.

Guest Friendly!

Subforums: Archived Questions, Completed Suggestions

6 12 Dec 21 2016, 11:37 AM
In: Ideas
By: Swiftheart

Collapse   Creation
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No New Posts New Characters
Here is where you come to create a biography for your character. Use the creation guidelines provided inside, then wait until a member of staff reviews than approves your character before you start playing them.

5 0 Nov 18 2016, 02:36 PM
In: Blackbite - Wip
By: Blackbite
No New Posts New Life
So your wolfie did the do, and now they've got a litter on the way? Post here to find out everything you need to know about the new soon-to-be's. Use to form provided then wait until a member of staff to generate your new litter.

1 0 Jan 1 2016, 08:02 PM
In: Breeding Conditions And Form
By: Swiftheart
No New Posts Adoption
Here is where you can up a character you no longer wish to play, create a family for your character, or find players for your new litter of pups. All of your adopting needs are right here!

2 7 Nov 27 2016, 01:37 PM
In: Swift Adopts
By: Swiftheart

Collapse   Plotting
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No New Posts Plotting
For all things plot. Have a character arc in mind for a specific character? Or maybe you have an idea for a larger, pack or sitewide plot? It all goes here.

9 14 Dec 21 2016, 11:42 AM
In: Swift Strategy
By: Swiftheart
No New Posts Rogue Packs
Information about all rogue/loner packs are stored here. How to create a rogue/loner pack, info on current packs, the works.

3 1 Feb 1 2016, 12:13 PM
In: Lost River Pack
By: Swiftheart
No New Posts Trackers
Need a bit of help keeping your characters in line, or having trouble remembering what threads you're in? Here is where you can post everything you need to stay organized. Thread trackers, character logs, all can be found here. The Character Census is also in here.

5 15 Dec 17 2016, 02:08 PM
In: Character Census
By: Gorsestep
Redirect The Shoppe
Here you've got a redirect link that will send you to the shoppe. Got some fangs to spend? This'll show you everything we have in stock.
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No New Posts Pine Circle
When the packs need to gather and discuss current events they come here. They often have scheduled meetings here every full moon, but if necessary, they may gather sooner.

1 4 Nov 30 2016, 08:08 PM
In: Swift As A Storm [shadow]
By: Swiftstorm
No New Posts The Graveyard
When a wolf is reaching the end of their life, many make one final pilgrimage to the base of Vision Peak. Some still see this act as a way to appease the ancestors, so that they may join the Pack of Stars in passing, even if the status of the Pack of Stars is unknown.

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No New Posts Vision's Peak
Vision's Peak is the highest peak in the Stardust Mountain range. Generations ago, alpha and shaman would come here to communicate with the ancestors. Though the ancestors are silent, tradition holds for new alphas and shaman to make the trip as a writ-of-passage into their position.

1 7 Dec 21 2016, 12:27 PM
In: Ranking Up [ashpelt]
By: Ashpelt
No New Posts Chaos Caverns
In the heart of the Deadwood Forest there is a cave. A cave that no pack wolf in their right might would ever think of going to. Rightfully named, the Chaos Caverns is a place where the spirits of Chaos come through loud and clear.

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Collapse   Snowpack
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No New Posts Snowpack Camp
Nestled in a small valley is the densite of the Snowpack. The grassy area is bordered on all sides but rocky outcrops, where there are plenty of places for dens.

Subforums: Shaman Den, Whelping Dens

3 3 Nov 26 2016, 09:45 AM
In: A Little Help (cloudbelly)
By: Rowanpaw
No New Posts Alpine Timberlands
The gently sloping sides of the mountain that the Snowpack has claimed is largely covered in a dense, green alpine forest. Spruces, pines, firs, and countless other evergreens thrive in this terrain. Elk and mountain goat love it here, so they are commonly seen, as are rabbit and squirrel.

1 10 Dec 3 2016, 10:41 AM
In: One Of Those Days [talis]
By: Blizzardheart
No New Posts Wildflower Drift
Between the Snowpack's camp, and the vast forest around, there is a vibrant field of wildflowers. These flowers stay in color for most of the year, save for the winter months.

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No New Posts Crystal Spring
Within the timberlands is a there is a quaint spring. Constantly fed by an underground source, the water of the spring is always crisp and clear, making it a popular spot for wolves and prey alike.

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Collapse   Fogpack
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No New Posts Fogpack Camp
While most of the Fogpack territory is marshy wetland, there are a few dry patches here and there. One such place is a line of short, rocky bluffs that the Fogpack have set up as their base.

Subforums: Whelping Dens

1 1 Dec 11 2016, 12:18 AM
In: Talons Under Foot (open)
By: Finchstar
No New Posts Horsetail Marsh
Much of the Fogpack's territory is a large marsh, in a valley below the mountains. The soil here is soft and peaty, and much of the ground is covered in water. Rather than grass, tall reeds like horsetail and sweetflag grow here. Mink, muskrat, and amphibians like frogs and salamander are common prey here.

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No New Posts Big Fish River
There are many small ponds and creeks that dot the Fogpack territory, but they are all tiny in comparison to the biggest river in the territory. The river spans many lengths across, and is incredibly deep in some areas. Monster catfish have been sighted in this river, hence the name.

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No New Posts Willow Grove
In general, trees are spare in the Fogpack lands, but that isn't true in the Willow Grove. On the southern edge of the territory there is a small forest of willow trees. The draping willow leaves make for an elegant and shaded little woodland.

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Collapse   Nightpack
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No New Posts Nightpack Camp
Nestled with in the tangled forest of the Nightpack territory is a shady little grove, bordered on one side by Haze Creek. This grove is the Nightpack camp. A small clearing is ringed by mossy tree stumps and hollowed-out logs which provide dens.

Subforums: Shaman Den, Whelping Dens

2 1 Dec 15 2016, 07:00 PM
In: Hunting Party[nightpack Wol...
By: Howlingstar
No New Posts Cryptic Wildwood
At the base of the mountains, the alpine wood transitions into a dense oak forest the Nightpack call home. This forest is full of ancient oak trees, whose trucks are wide and their branches stretch far. A lot of light is restricted by the dense canopy, making this forest dim overall.

2 17 Nov 28 2016, 08:07 PM
In: I Wander This Darkened Trail
By: RiverStorm
No New Posts Haze Creek
Several small creeks flow through the Nightpack territory, but the most notable is a creek called Haze Creek. This creek runs right past the camp, and the current is noticeably faster than the other creeks. Crossing the water can be tricky. One wrong move could have fatal consequences.

1 11 Nov 26 2016, 06:03 PM
In: [battle] What Is Yours
By: Coalheart
No New Posts Fern Glen
At the northeastern edge of the territory, the tangled wood that covers much of the Nightpack's territory opens up into a small clearing, although clearing might not be the right word. Void of trees, this patch of land is densely packed with something else: ferns of all shapes and sizes.

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Collapse   Mudpack
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No New Posts Mudpack Camp
Not the most fortified of densites, the Mudpack Camp is little more than a shallow dip in the earth. A few abandoned foxholes were expanded upon to serve as sleeping spaces, though those are usually only for the young, old, and sick. The common ranks sleep under the stars when the weather is good.

Subforums: Shaman Den, Whelping Dens

1 2 Dec 10 2016, 02:39 PM
In: Tromp Tromp Tromp
By: Brambleclaw
No New Posts Sepia Moorlands
Higher above sea level then their Fogpack neighbors, the soggy soil dries up upon entering Mudpack lands. The flat plain of the dry moorland is filled largely with earthen colored grasses, rocks, few trees, and little water.

1 7 Dec 21 2016, 10:24 AM
In: Gotta Run! [open]
By: Aria
No New Posts Vernal Pools
With no running streams flowing through the Mudpack lands, the pack relies on small pools of standing water as their source of hydration. The largest of these pools are the Vernal Pools. None of the scattered pools are very large, but the water is refreshing.

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No New Posts Seaside Cliffs
The flat moor suddenly comes to an end at the southern most part of the territory. Steep cliffs drop off to the largest water source the packs have ever seen. Getting down to the water is easy. It's getting back up that's the hard part.

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No New Posts Rocky Beach
To the east of the cliffs that mark the end of the Mudpack territory, the steep cliffs level out to a beach of sand and rock. The sand is soft, the water vast, and many of the rocks are large enough to climb on.

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No New Posts Abandoned Farm
Generations ago, a strange, hairless creature tried to settle near the pack lands. They brought with them many strange and often dangerous things, but also a lot of food. Those weird creatures left long ago, and left many of the strange, sometimes dangerous things they had.

1 5 Nov 29 2016, 11:50 AM
In: And They Come Unstuck // Open
By: Darkrush
No New Posts Deadwood Forest
Dead, naked trees cover an area known as the Deadwood forest. No one knows how these trees truly died, but the common theory is because of the Chaos Spirits that overrun this place at night. Little life exists here, and the skeletal trees stand eerily.

1 0 Feb 6 2016, 12:14 AM
In: Deeper And Darker
By: Brambleclaw
No New Posts Slash Canyon
The Deadwood Forest and Mossy Woodland were once the same forest. Today, they are separated by a massive canyon created by an ancient river. This river can be found at the bottom of the canyon, but steep walls and narrow trails make it somewhat difficult access.

Subforums: Bent River Pass

2 0 Nov 21 2016, 12:02 PM
In: Hunger Pangs [russet]
By: Rowan

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No New Posts Mossy Woodland
Between the canyon and the mountain range, a vast forest covers the land. A very green, soft forest. This forest is vibrant and lively, but, everything is taken over by a soft green moss.

Subforums: Whispering Hollow

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No New Posts Stardust Mountains
The Snowpack claim only a small part of the vast mountain range known as the Stardust Mountains. The snowcapped mountains are full of high peaks and low valleys.

Subforums: Elk Horn Point

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No New Posts Red Tundra
On the other side of the Snowpack Mountains, there is an arctic land far from the reaches of pack influence. Snow and ice cover the land most of the year, and the only foliage to grow here is red-tinted scrubs scattered throughout the tundra.

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No New Posts Arctic Waterfall
Most things in the tundra are snowy and frozen, but, there is one wide, but shallow stream. This trickles lazily through the tundra, just fast enough to keep from freezing, until it cascades down a series of many waterfalls.

1 1 Nov 22 2016, 06:38 PM
In: Passing Times {open}
By: Silverwing

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No New Posts Chatter
Here is where you can talk about anything not relevant to the roleplay. You can play games or bring up discussion about anything, as long as it does not violate the rules, of course.

1 0 Jan 21 2016, 12:09 PM
In: My Novel
By: Mooney
No New Posts Hello and Goodbye
Say hello or say goodbye. Here is where you can post a little introduction about yourself, or let us know that you're going to be gone for a while.

6 1 Nov 24 2016, 08:50 AM
In: Slow
By: Swiftheart
No New Posts Plugboard
Yep, here it is. The good ol' advertising board. Place all advertisements you have here, and nowhere else! Information on affiliating with us can be found here too.

Guest Friendly!

Subforums: First Links, Link Backs, Affiliation, Member Sites

125 25 Feb 17 2017, 03:27 PM
In: Bad Things
By: liz

Collapse   Archives
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No New Posts IC Archives
All inactive threads that pertain to in-character topics can be found here. This includes: character bios, plot threads, and roleplay threads.

Subforums: Plot Archives, Roleplay Archives

3 4 Jan 22 2016, 04:57 PM
In: Still (open)
By: Howlingstar
No New Posts OOC Archives
All inactive threads that pertain to out of character topics can be found here. This includes: old news announcements, threads from the chatter board, and old art stuff.

Subforums: News Archives

4 11 Nov 18 2016, 09:37 AM
In: Reopening Activity Check
By: Swiftheart

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